Ownership of the thoroughbred horses

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January 22, 2017

Ownership of the thoroughbred horses

Over the years these types of horses were owned by wealthy individuals. There are even instances when there are partnerships. There are groups that own multiple thoroughbred horses that have been known in the racing circuits.

Commercial breeding began after the Second World War. This has been the practice in North America, Europe, and even in Australia and parts of Asia. A lot of these sales took place in auctions, while there are a few ones that included private sales. A lot of these horses cost close to a million dollars. In 1976, Canadian Bound was the very first Thoroughbred racehorse that was sold for $1 million.

There are also a number of monthly expenses related to these types of horses. Trainers, jockeys, and insurance premiums are some of the usual expenses that go hand in hand with the ownership of thoroughbred horses. According to experts, the cost of training these horses can cost around $35,000 for major race tracks.

Different kinds of racing

There are different types of races that a thoroughbred horse can participate in. You have flat racing and jump races. However, when it comes to the most significant race, it’s called Group races.

Industry of breeding horses

Today, breeding is a huge industry. It offers millions of jobs all over the world. Though the attention given to horse racing is somewhat limited and not really as popular to the general public, it has generated a good amount of money especially in winnings.

When horses retire, their owners are also using them for stud service. Some would even have a stud service of $150,000. Normally, after retirement, this is what happens to horses that have performed well. Unfortunately, some are just euthanized after.

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